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Ellwood Crankshaft & Machine / Ellwood National Crankshaft Services expand capacity

Author: Brian Taylor : 05/25/07

Ellwood Crankshaft and Machine and Ellwood National Crankshaft Services are working diligently to reduce our internal cycle time and the total cutting time required to manufacture a work piece through machine tool investments, LEAN programs, and quality engineering.

Several key machine tools have been commissioned towards this goal; this includes GFM’s, a Safop Lathe, and a Butler Horizontal Boring Mill.ECM has rebuilt its FKU25/4000 GFM, formerly of the closed Clarke’s Crank and Forge factory in Lincoln, England. We have also upgraded and re-installed our FKP 45/2 GFM and FKP 60 GFM, both machines were previously located at Ellwood City Forge.

ECM has also rebuilt its 11M Butler Horizontal Mill and Safop Crankshaft Lathe formerly of the closed Mitchell Shackleton factory located in Manchester, England.

ECM’s LEAN program has improved the overall flow and organization at each workstation, and has significantly added additional capacity by leveraging each asset to its full potential. This initiative has created considerable speed and efficiency on various crankshaft production lines. Our Quality Engineering program has reduced defective products to all time lows even while our shipments are at record levels.

Internal defects are at a world-class standard and our goal is to have zero deviations and zero escaping defects at both of our facilities. Ellwood Crankshaft and Machine has dramatically increased output with these key initiatives, and has enabled us to capture new market share all over the world.

Future changes will allow ECM to continue to add capacity, as well as secure new product lines.

EQS sets new production record

Author: Bob Rumcik : 05/24/07

Ellwood Quality Steels (EQS) set a monthly production record of 869 heats in March. To accomodate such record production rates, the rolling twelve month production limit was raised from 413,000 NTs to 415,446 NTs on a deminimus basis with assistance from the Pennsylvania DEP. Preliminary DEP approval was later given to increase the annual production limit to 450,000 NTs, which should be attainable with the 35/42 MVA EAF transformer being installed during this year’s summer shutdown. The additional steelmaking capacity at EQS will help to insure that ingot deliveries remain timely in today’s strong market.

ENS Ladle Furnace Expansion Project

Author: Scott Gregory : 05/23/07

Due to unexpected foundation problems resulting from soil degradation associated with an abnormally high water table, construction was delayed for several weeks on the ENS Ladle Furnace Project while additional structural piling was put in place. This additional piling corrects both present and potential future issues associated with soil conditions.

The start up timetable will also now be affected by the previously scheduled summer shutdowns at both ENS and EQS. The LF commissioning has been pushed back into August with routine steel production expected to begin in September. Once the LF is fully operational, it is expected that ENS will melt about 90,000 NTs per year on a two shift off-peak schedule.

Other projects contained within the ladle furnace expansion have remained on or slightly ahead of schedule such as the installation of the HEM saw for cropping and multing, the new hot metal crane for teeming logistics, and the scrap yard crane for improved scrap loading efficiencies.


New open die forge press facility

Author: Kim Senchak : 05/15/07

In late 2006, the EGI board of Directors approved a new open die forge press facility located adjacent to Ellwood Quality Steels in New Castle, PA.The shop will be equipped with a 4-post, 5,000 ton push down press manufactured by Danieli Breda and will utilize Oilgear hydraulics and controls. A 150,000 pound mobile manipulator manufactured by Dango and Dienenthal will be the primary machine servicing the press. The shop will include heat treat furnaces and both water and polymer quench tanks.Construction of the new facility is underway. Demolition of major structures is complete and associated mill building extensions have begun. The new shop is expected to be in operation August, 2008.