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ECF develops a 77 ton ingot capability

Author: Mike Kamnikar : 07/15/10

In order to more fully utilize the capability of its new 5000 ton open die forging press and 150,000 pound mobile manipulator (both commissioned in October 2008), ECF has developed a 77 ton gross weight, big end up, tapered, fluted, nominal 82″ diameter forging ingot. This effectively increases ECF’s capability to produce large, rough machined open die forgings by nearly 50% to up to 110,000 pounds shipped weight, depending on the configuration.


EGI marks 100th birthday

Author: David E Barensfeld : 07/15/10

EGI on June 21, 2010 marked its centennial year with a reception for employees, retirees and their spouses, the first in a series of employee events over the course of the year. Robert Barensfeld, chairman of the EGI board of directors, made brief remarks recalling the modest circumstances of Ellwood City Forge in its early years. David Barensfeld, CEO, referred to the desire of EGI shareholders to keep EGI prosperous and expanding as a family-owned company into a second century by continuing a policy of re-investing profits into the business.

ESS introduces ExELL ForgeDieTM – An Improved Forging Die Steel

ExELL ForgeDieTM has been developed by Ellwood Specialty Steel as a new forging die steel for hot forging applications. Using an economical low-alloy steel design, ExELL ForgeDieTM offers cost savings compared to conventional, higher alloyed die steels. The steel composition, microcleanliness and heat treatment have been optimized to provide: 1) resistance to softening at elevated temperatures, 2) resistance to thermal fatigue, 3) good impact toughness, 4) minimal anisotropy of mechanical properties, 5) hardenability in larger cross-sections, 6) good machinability, 7) weldability and 8) capability for flame or induction surface hardening. ExELL ForgeDieTM is available NOW from ESS’ extensive inventory of pre-hardened round bars and machined flats and blocks.