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2011 College Engineering Day

Author: Marie Russo : 08/30/11

As business has grown at EGI, it also has become more technically intensive. We are competing to make parts for newly designed equipment in world markets against world class competitors. We continue to develop our talent pool of engineering majors with interns who worked at different EGI business units during the summer. To close the summer engineering internship program, students were given the opportunity to present their project work to Ellwood executives, engineers and other managers on August 5, 2011.

Interns who gave presentations were from the following universities:

Ø Pitt

Ø PSU – Main

Ø PSU – Behrand

Ø Purdue

Ø Slippery Rock


Ø Kettering

Their majors included:

Ø Material Science

Ø Mechanical Engineering

Ø Mechanical Engineering Technology

Ø Electrical Engineering

Ø Safety

All of the interns worked on beneficial projects that had practical application to our current business needs. Among the reports presented were topics about:

Ø Calibration of furnace controls for the high temperature tensile tester furnace

Ø Fatigue testing and thermo couple trials

Ø Spalling and mold life predictor

Ø Upgrade furnace lift mechanism

Ø Analysis of reversible temper embrittlement

Ø Return on investment analysis of lathe, grinder drives and oil/coolant separator

Ø Small casting line and flask project

Ø Block forms and the center machine layout

Ø Establishment of an electronic print data base

Ø Upgrade of gate and fence

Ø OSHA training and hearing protection

The high quality of the reports indicated the interns received exceptional mentoring from their supervisors at ECF, EMP, ECM, EEC, ENC, ENF, & EGI. The intern program is an important resource for potential, future employees and helps to get EGI’s name better known at colleges and universities. Additionally, we are confident that this year’s summer interns will serve as enthusiastic ambassadors to their classmates and professors about how dynamic EGI is and that an internship at Ellwood provides valuable, hands-on experience.

2011 EGI Metallurgy Scholarship of $25,000

Author: MR : 08/29/11

Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) is pleased to announce our Fifth Annual Metallurgy Scholarship in the amount of $25,000. This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to a talented and dedicated metallurgical or material science student to promote the pursuit of a career within the steel and heavy metal industry. Our goal is to encourage more students to choose metallurgy as their field of study and to recruit more interns and graduates into the steel industry, specifically to EGI.

Scholarship finalists will be provided with an all expenses paid trip to EGI to tour our facilities, as well as to meet and to speak with Ellwood metallurgists and engineers.

The scholarship will be awarded to a college junior majoring in metallurgy/material science at selected universities offering engineering programs. The scholarship includes a paid internship at an EGI business unit in the USA during the summer of 2012.

Click here to download the 2011 Metallurgical Application.

Marie Russo