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EGI Acquires Leistritz Advanced Turbine Components

Author: Kevin J Handerhan : 08/06/12

I am pleased to announce that Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) has completed the acquisition of the assets of Leistritz Advanced Turbine Components (LATC) in Rural Hall, North Carolina. The assets were acquired from Leistritz AG, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany by a newly formed subsidiary called Ellwood Advanced Components LLC. This new business unit will be called EAC.

LATC produces closed die forged turbine blades for steam and industrial gas turbines. They employ about 170 people. The principal assets include three screw presses (8000T, 12000T and 16000T) and a 50 meter-ton counterblow forging hammer. In addition, LATC has state of the art blade finish machining capability. This acquisition will enable EGI to add screw presses to our arsenal of closed die forging equipment and to increase large hammer forging capacity. We also intend to add additional forge furnaces, trim press capability and heat treatment equipment to enable EAC to more effectively produce other types of closed die forgings beyond turbine blades. These future investments will depend on our ability to obtain appropriate financial incentives from the state and local governments in the region and to acquire the land and buildings that are presently being leased by LATC from Siemens Energy.

This facility will be managed in combination with ETFH and ETFN. As such, Richard Allender will be responsible for the profit and loss of all three of our closed die forging plants: EAC, ETFH and ETFN. In order to organize our marketing presence as a complete one stop solution, we will operate and go to market as the Ellwood Closed Die Group (ECDG). Each plant will retain its individual profit and loss responsibility but be organized externally to its markets as one closed die solution.

Michael Grauel will join Ellwood as the VP and General Manager of EAC reporting to Richard Allender. Michael was previously the President of LATC. Please welcome Michael and the rest of the employees of EAC to EGI.

We are very pleased to add EAC to our group of companies!

Kevin Handerhan

Chief Operating Officer

Forgings and Castings

Ellwood Group, Inc.

College Intern Day – 2012

Author: Marie Russo : 08/13/12

Ellwood continues to develop our talent pool of interns who worked at various EGI business units during the summer. Interns from diverse disciplines, including engineering, law, and accounting, were given the opportunity to demonstrate the contributions their projects made to Ellwood executives and the management team on August 10, 2012.

Interns who gave presentations were from the following universities:

Akron University of Law School
Case Western Reserve
Colorado School of Mines
Gannon University
PSU – Main
PSU – Behrand
Trine University
Their majors included:

Material Science
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Chemical Engineering
Business Administration
The project work of all of the interns was valuable from various aspects, such as productivity, quality and safety in producing products to maintain our global market competiveness. From the presentations, it was apparent the supervisors provided sound mentoring. Presentations topics included:

Air Compressor & Heat Treat Projects (CFC)
Grinder Dust Collector ? suction improvement (CFC)
Kalt Temper Study – tempering temperature determination for new alloy (ECF)
Furnace Updates (ECF)
Coolant Improvement (ECM)
Sand System SIPOC (EEC)
Furnace Lift Mechanism Upgrade (EMP)
Press Shop Crop Bunkers – to make safer & more streamlined (EMP)
Hydrogen Senor in Nitriding – installation & implementation (ENC)
Crane Bump Stop Extension – to protect duct work (ENC)
Layout Bar Project (ENC)
Roughing Lathe – increase length of lathe (ENF)
FARO Laser Tracker – develop step by step inspection process (ENF)
Hot Tops, Teeming Flux & Bricking improvements (EQS)
The intern program enhances name recognition for EGI at colleges and universities, as well as continues to prove to be a resource for potential, future employees. As a result, we are confident the interns will spread the word about their internship at Ellwood giving them an opportunity to apply classroom theory to hands-on, real-world work experience.

Marie Russo – EGI Benefits & HR Director 8-13-12