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EGI Participating in 2012 MINExpo International Conference 9/24-9/26 in Las Vegas

Author: Kathy Saunders : 09/04/12

MINExpo® is widely recognized as the premier exposition of mining equipment and services in the world, featuring a wide range of new product introductions and exhibits of some of the largest mining equipment. The 2012 MINExpo International Conference is sponsored by the National Mining Association.

Please visit Ellwood Group, Inc. at MinExpo 2012

Booth # 25052

Metallurgy Scholarship Announcement

Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) is pleased to announce our Annual Metallurgy Scholarship. In the interest of reaching a broader, more rounded pool of students, we have expanded the scholarship opportunities and criteria. A $15,000 scholarship will be awarded to the top candidate; and up to three additional $5,000 scholarships will be available to well qualified students. The minimum GPA requirement has been adjusted to 2.75. This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to talented and dedicated metallurgical students to encourage their pursuit of a career within the steel and heavy metal industry. Our goal is to encourage more students to choose metallurgy as their field of study and to recruit more interns and graduates into the industry, specifically to EGI.

The scholarship is open to undergraduate college students in their junior year currently majoring in the field of metallurgy/material science at selected and accredited four-year colleges and universities. The scholarship includes a paid internship at an EGI business unit in the USA during the summer of 2013.

Along with the completed application, the applicant packet must be received by EGI on or before October 15, 2012. Please click on the above link to download the application.

Marie Russo

EGI Benefits and HR Director

Corry Forge Company Commissions Advanced NDT Solution

Author: Jeff Nystrom : 09/13/12

The Corry Forge Company today announced the commissioning of an advanced NDT system for the ultrasonic testing of high-performance forged components. The new system integrates automated ultrasonic testing with an authenticated electronic record of the inspection procedures and material condition. The ability to permanently document both inspection results as well as testing parameters in a verifiable format, offers a new level of reliability, efficiency, and confidence in the sourcing of forged components for critical applications.

The system is capable of performing both conventional and multi-phased array ultrasonic inspection procedures. It is configured to simultaneously scan and process the signals from multiple transducers, allowing for comprehensive single-pass efficiency. A flexible range of testing parameters and transducer options are available with the system to meet the most demanding customer specifications. Advanced software allows synchronized scanning to insure continuity, coverage, overlap, and travel throughout the procedure. The data from the inspection and testing parameters are transcribed to a single extensible file for remote witness and permanent archive.

“This system represents the new standard for establishing product compliance and integrity in components that operate under continuous conditions of high-speed, high-pressure, and high-stress,” said Jeff Nystrom, Vice President, Corry Forge Company. “Our leadership with this technology is consistent with our goal of being the reliable forging supplier of choice for our customers.”

The Corry Forge Company, a division of the Ellwood City Forge and member of the Ellwood Group, Inc., is an integrated producer of critical-application forged components for the nuclear, power generation, oil & gas and aerospace industries.