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EGI Adds New Members to Board of Directors

Author: David E. Barensfeld : 09/20/13
The board of directors of EGI elected as new directors Anna G. Barensfeld and Robert T. Rizk. Anna holds an MBA from Babson College and Rob holds an MBA from Boston University. Anna will start work as business development manager for Skratch Labs, Inc., Boulder, CO in January, 2014. Rob commenced employment at EGI in November, 2011 as director of business development and has since held management positions at various EGI divisions. He presently serves as director of sales and marketing at Ellwood Crankshaft Group. Anna and Rob represent the fifth generation of family shareholders of EGI. At the same time the board of EGI accepted the resignation because of retirement of Barbara McNees, who served as member of the board for five years. The board adopted a resolution thanking Mrs. McNees for her service to EGI.

7th Annual Metallurgy Scholarship Announcement

Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) is pleased to announce our 7th Annual Metallurgy Scholarship, which is awarded to talented and dedicated metallurgical students to encourage their pursuit of a career within the steel and heavy metal industry.

The scholarship is open to undergraduate college students in their junior year currently majoring in the field of metallurgy/material science at selected and accredited four-year colleges and universities. In the interest of reaching a broader, more rounded pool of students, the scholarship opportunities and criteria remain expanded, to include a minimum GPA requirement 2.75.

A $15,000 scholarship will be given to the winner and up to three additional $5,000 scholarships will be available to well-qualified students. The scholarship includes a paid internship at an EGI business unit in the USA during the summer of 2014.

Our goal is to encourage more students to choose metallurgy as their field of study and to recruit more interns and graduates into the industry, specifically to EGI.

Along with the completed application, the applicant packet must be received by EGI on or before October 14, 2013.

Marie Russo

EGI Director, Benefits and HR